J Is For: Journey

No, not the band. I promise.

This week I am attending the RT Convention in Chicago, IL. It feels like much more than a mere physical trip. I’m used to traveling for a vacation; what is new and nervous-making is the idea of travel for a vocation—a trip where I have an itinerary other than my own explorations to consider. I’m excited, but I’m also really anxious. (I have not slept well the past two nights, and am trying to solve this by having two strong Manhattans tonight in the hopes of calming/warming/distracting me enough to get some rest. So far—brilliant idea! I feel fantastic! Ask me again in the morning.)

There is probably nothing to be scared of, but that’s never stopped me in the past. If you’re at RT this week as well, look me up! I’ll be the one with red hair, a black shirt, a nervous expression, and either Wonder Woman tennis shoes or these.

Fingers crossed, and here I go!

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