Achievement Unlocked: Geeky Merit Badges by Storied Threads

Apologies for the light blogging right now — there’s a looming deadline and the writing fingers have been tripping over themselves to meet it.

In the meantime, please enjoy a selection of geek-themed merit badges from Storied Threads on Etsy. We here at Olivia Waite knew that the best part of being a Girl Scout was not the cookie drive (so much pressure to sell! so much pressure not to eat all the Tagalongs!) but rather the accumulation of merit badges. And these badges are most excellent.

A black round patch with a red border. Sans serif red block letters with yellow outlines advise: "Don't panic."

A Tardis-blue round badge with a darker blue border. Calligraphic script in silver says: "Lots of planets have a north." Below is a tilted compass rose in black, white, and silver.

An oval white badge with a black border. On the left is a profile outlined in black of a thin, pretty woman with red lips and dark mascara. Her long red hair falls in embroidered waves and her eyes are closed. Calligraphic script on the right in black reads: "The Girl Who Waited."

A round merit badge with a yellow center, beige outer circle, and black border. A large silver drill is centered, and around it black text reads: "Boneshaker Project Seattle."

Green round badge with black border. Black mod text is fit to the round shape and reads: "Mewling Quim."

Still can’t believe they snuck the word ‘quim’ into a movie with a PG-13 rating. I just about choked on my popcorn.

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2 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked: Geeky Merit Badges by Storied Threads

  1. Yep. That’s one of the historical terms we erotic romance authors are, um, intimately familiar with.

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