Great Lists Of 2012

Last year we here at Olivia Waite posted a year-end mega-list of lists. This year, we’ve been slacking off, but we did still find a few list-gems for your enjoyment.

What Should Liam Neeson Punch Next?

Important New Emoticons

SimplyNoise Reviews, in Order of How Soon the Author Will Murder Someone

5 Mundane Objects That Saved Important Lives

60 Moments That Gave Me Chills on Seattle’s First Day of Marriage Equality

The 20 Best ‘That Guys’ of All Time

And, the triumphal entry from the New Yorker: The Hundred Best Lists of All Time

Happy New Year to all!

Black and white ink cartoon of a party. Two men are at top, one with a bell and party hat, the other crooning a couple of music notes. Below is a woman with shoulder-length, curled hair, in profile, holding a martini glass.
Image via The Graphics Fairy

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