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oliviasqOlivia Waite writes short romance and slightly longer fantasy across as many genre lines as possible. She lives in the Seattle environs, as she has done all her life.

Every month she sends out the Oliviarya mini-collection of great books, stories, and articles from all over the great wide internet.

Olivia has a Facebook page … and a Twitter … and a Tumblr … and numerous Pinterest boards. You can also write to her at: olivia dot waite dot books at gmail dot com.

Review Policy:

My review policy is very simple: you say whatever you want, however you want to say it, and I’ll stay completely out of your way. You can swear, or not. You can use gifs, or not. You can say nothing, you can offer effusive praise, you can give me a simple three stars and move on with your day. Hell, you could skywrite OLIVIA SUCKS right over my house, and I’d have to admire the conviction. Lord knows you have enough going on in your life, you don’t need me putting down rules for review.

Occasional reviews by me will appear on this blog: these are quite haphazard and usually more literary analysis than reader recommendations or promo opportunities. Authors are welcome to submit books for review with the understanding that the above paragraph applies.

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