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“Hearts And Harbingers” Is Now On Amazon

My second novella, “Hearts and Harbingers,” is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store! I’ve just started buying Kindle books myself because it is ridiculously easy, and also because then I get a chance to browse Amazon’s one-star reviews, which soothe my author-worries and make me giggle.

Below are some of my favorites.

Moby-Dick: “Be sure to avoid the audio version read by Burt Reynolds.”

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The Sophomore Stretch

{“Hearts and Harbingers” is available today from Ellora’s Cave! I am really proud of this one, folks. Check it out!}

There is a bottle of fine champagne chilling in the fridge to celebrate my second book’s release today—hooray!—but here I am thinking not about celebration, but instead where I’m coming from and where I’m going.

There is a thing in the world called impostor syndrome. Someone with quantifiable accomplishment—say, they’ve had a book or two accepted for publication—nevertheless believes their success is the result of dumb luck or random chance. They fear they will be (wrongly) exposed as a fraud. An impostor. A phony.

Romance authors are not unfamiliar with impostor syndrome; I recently caught a reference to it in Cat Grant’s erotic ménage Entangled Trio (which I really enjoyed, by the by).

And right now, you guys? I’ve got it bad.

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An Excerpt From “Hearts And Harbingers”!

{Tomorrow, May 25, “Hearts and Harbingers” will step forward into the world, shiny and hopeful and blinking adorably in the sunshine. Until then, please enjoy this excerpt!}

The house on this unfashionable street in a very fashion-conscious London had no name and no one of any importance would have recognized the address. It was but poorly furnished. The dust and grime had been long since cleared away, but things like nicks and scrapes and general decrepitude were not so easily got rid of. A great deal of work was required just to keep the house from collapsing into a pile of old grey walls and even olderslightly less ancient roofing, and its the only real benefit was that all that maintenance gave Millicent Harbinger something to do with her time.

Presently, she was getting herself a sturdy breakfast in preparation for another busy day. Alice the maid of all work had promised to help her tackle the attic, which was the last remaining stronghold of mold and muck and mystery items left behind by generations of former tenants. Probably none of it would be worth keeping or selling. —Pprobably none of it was even worth the effort it took to drag downstairs and chuck on the rubbish heap, —but you never knew until you tried.

“Morning, Mill.” Duncan Harbinger stepped into the breakfast parlor. Millicent peeked peered over the edge of her newspaper with narrowed eyes as her brother piled a plate high with eggs, ham, buttery rolls and—ah, the clincher—no fewer than seven kippers.

An ocean of dread arose within her. “How much, Duncan?”

“Hmm?” His tone was casual, almost absent-minded.

She refused to be put off. “How much did you lose?”

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“Hearts and Harbingers” Release Date!

Various points, in no particular order:

  • Vacation was marvelous.
  • Putting mango and guava juice together with two kinds of rum and some kind of whiskey is much more delicious than anything else you have ever had to drink in your life.
  • Having one-third of your sailboat’s crew practicing clove hitches every day for a week comes in handy when you’re tying bumpers to the starboard stanchions in thirty-knot winds with stinging hornet rain.
  • Sand fleas are the devil.
  • “Hearts and Harbingers” is coming out this Wednesday! That is May 25!

… Let’s see that last point again in bold italic Plantaganet Cherokee:

May 25And indeed, there was much rejoicing throughout the land, with quaffings of spirits and roastings on spits.


The badass cover for "Hearts and Harbingers" by Olivia Waite.

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