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Make Yourself A Victorian Doll

We here at Olivia Waite have a long history with paper dolls—not merely the basic kid kind, but the fancy and detailed presidential kind you can buy at the Smithsonian. Jane Austen paper dolls. 1920s flapper paper dolls. We had sharp scissors and infinite patience for fiddly tabs and zigzag edges.

But the magic of the internet provides instant gratification, infinite customization, and increased safety for our scissor-scarred thumbs. So it is with great delight that we point you toward today’s discovery: The Victorian Doll creation page on Doll Divine.

Here is my first try, which is pretty much me in Victorian gear—note that I am something of a bluestocking:

Here I am with blue stockings:

Here I am as a vampire:

And as an adventuress:

Leave your own creations in the comments, or on my Facebook wall!

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Announcing: Hearts and Harbingers!

We here at Olivia Waite are proud to announce that we have a second book forthcoming from Ellora’s Cave! “Hearts and Harbingers” is an offbeat Regency romance about an impoverished gentlewoman, her gambling-addicted brother, and a devastatingly charming marquis.

Oh, and I have I mentioned how much I love the cover?

The cover of Hearts and Harbingers by Olivia Waite: a woman in a lavender gown (falling off one shoulder) in a clinch with a shirtless (and muscly-armed) man.

On the very outskirts of polite society, Millicent Harbinger has always found a way to cover the gaming debts of her wastrel brother Duncan. His most recent losing streak is bound to ruin them, however, and her brother’s solution is to arrange for Mill to marry the odious Lord Wart. In desperation, Mill decides to sell her virtue anonymously at a well-reputed brothel and kill two birds with one stone: she will have enough money to cover the debt, and her status as a fallen woman will dissuade Lord Wart from claiming her as his bride.

Jasper Goldeby, Marquess of Holder, takes one look at Mill’s piercing green eyes and purchases her favors at triple the asking price — a fortune that could support the Harbingers for life. The night Mill and Jasper share astonishes and transforms them both — and Jasper quickly realizes one night could never be enough. Can Mill trust her heart enough to take the risk of becoming a marchioness despite her reputation? Or will Duncan’s opposition and Wart’s animosity destroy the lovers’ hopes forever?

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Vote for My Book Trailer!

My trailer for “Generous Fire” has been entered in the Pen and Muse trailer contest!

Voting is really easy. Simply send an email (just one!) to thepenmuse at gmail dot com, and tell them you’re casting your vote for “Generous Fire.” You don’t even have to watch all 43 entries! (Though I have been—I love book trailers.)

Vote for me!

{And remember, “Generous Fire” comes out March 22!}

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Steampunk Costumes: An Etsy Roundup

We here at Olivia Waite love us some Great Expectations. We love Dickens generally, in fact. And had we not a small, needy puppy with sad, tear-filled eyes to keep us at home these days, we would be at tomorrow night’s performance of Great Expectations at Seattle’s Book-It Repertory Theater—where they’ve declared it Steampunk Night.

And—since this is a flight of fancy—we would be wearing one of these gorgeous steampunk costumes found on Etsy:

A corset made of many shades of brown leather, shaped to look like gears and mechanical cogs.
by Brute Force Studios
A dark-haired woman in an acid-green corset gown, with an acid-green top hat, all with darker green and black accents.
by SparkelyJem
A shortish, curvy woman with pale skin and dark hair in a white shirt, brown leather halter-style corset, and slinky black pencil skirt with matching hose. Her hat is almost but not quite a top hat.
by Zahira's Boudoir
A woman with dyed red hair and pale skin wears a black military jacket and corset with magenta details, with a relatively tasteful boob-window.
by OblivionClothing

Someday, oh fellow steampunk dreamers—someday …

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