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The Robot Girls of Ancient Greece

In Homer’s Iliad, there appears the following passage. Translation by yours truly, because if you can’t use your 7 years of ancient Greek for translating things like this, what can you use it for?

… And to their lord hastened
Golden servants like living maidens.
In them were minds and hearts, voice and strength,
And they have learned skills from the deathless gods.
They hurried around and about their master. (Iliad 18.417-421)

Why am I posting about ancient Greek lady-robots made of gold? It’s a secret—for now. Feel free to let your imaginations go wild. (Lord knows I did!)


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Brief Distraction: Lego Antikythera Mechanism!

All of a sudden a shiny new idea has coalesced and is writing itself. The reins have fallen between the horses’ legs and all I can do is hang on. In lieu of blogging today, please enjoy this brilliant and mind-bendingly geeky Lego recreation of the equally mind-bending Antikythera Mechanism.

What do ancient Greek mechanical wonders and writing excitement have to do with one another? Keep an eye on this site for future developments!

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OUT TODAY: Steampunk Shakespeare Anthology!

A Sonnet on the Release of Doctor Bill Shakes and the Magnificent Ionic Pentatetrameter
To read or not to read a steampunk book
That riffs on Shakespeare’s sonnets, plays, and poems;
To skim the text on Kindle or the Nook;
To page through meatspace ink-on-paper tomes:
No matter what the format, it is fine
To read in such an age of rich invention,
Where classic lit and modern whim combine
With hopefully not too much of pretension.
We know we are no Shakespeare, but the lack
Of Bardic skill or brains so Shakespeare-clever
Should never muzzle us or hold us back:
No small gems may result from the endeavor.
If this idea appeals to your book-taste,
The purchase link is here. — Go buy! Make haste!

image via The Graphics Fairy

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Pre-Order Your Steampunk Shakespeare Now!

We here at Olivia Waite are thrilled to reveal the cover for the upcoming Omnibus of Doctor Bill Shakes and the Magnificent Ionic Penatetrameter—it’s a steampunk Shakespeare anthology that just so happens to include a sonnet by yours truly!

Click to pre-order!

The book ships out May 11, 2012, and you can pre-order your lovely paper copy right here, right now!

As a sneak peek, here is the table of contents:

Introduction by Mike Perschon
The Tragic Tale of King Lear’s Wonders by Jennifer Castello
“Devouring Time, rust thou the robot’s gears” by Olivia Waite
Measure For Steel-Sprung Measure by Rebecca Fraimow
“Where art thou Muse that forget’st me so long?” by Tucker Cummings
The Malefaction of Tybalt’s Mechanical Armature by Tim Kane
“Not from the stars do I my judgement pluck” by J.H. Ashbee
Julius C-ZR by Bret Jones
“Your expanse of metal is a waste of time” by Frances Hern
Much Ado About Steam Presses: A Scandal of Minor Importance by R. J. Booth
“My brasswork’s gleam is nothing like the sun” by Alia Gee
Leo’s Mechanical Queen by Claudia Alexander
“A woman’s face with artist’s sure hand painted” by J.H. Ashbee
The Misfiring Love-Piston of Sir John Autumnrod by Larry Kay
“Not iron, nor the Difference Engine” by Kelly Fineman
What You Fuel by Jaymee Goh
“To me, fair friend, you never can be old” by Tucker Cummings
A Midsummer’s Night Steam by Scott Farrell
“Devouring Time, wear thou steam-hammer’s head” by J.H. Ashbee
Richard, Dismantled by Jess Hyslop

I’m pretty excited about The Misfiring Love-Piston of Sir John Autumnrod, myself. 🙂

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