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Things: Still Busy!

Writing to hit a deadline. No time for blogging. But always time to point out the existence of snazzy accessories with literary themes, like this Homeric cuff:

by Etsy seller JezebelCharms

Hopefully there will be a real blog post up Friday. But if not, it’s because I’m writing too much fiction. Pretty much a win-win!

And if you missed it, Generous Fire earned a recommendation from Romantic Geek Girl!

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Brief Distraction: Lego Antikythera Mechanism!

All of a sudden a shiny new idea has coalesced and is writing itself. The reins have fallen between the horses’ legs and all I can do is hang on. In lieu of blogging today, please enjoy this brilliant and mind-bendingly geeky Lego recreation of the equally mind-bending Antikythera Mechanism.

What do ancient Greek mechanical wonders and writing excitement have to do with one another? Keep an eye on this site for future developments!

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