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The Point of This Quick Post is that Land Crabs are Super Creepy

We here at Olivia Waite like to think we’ve learned a lot from romance novels over the years. And one of our recent favorites, Carla Kelly’s Beau Crusoe, turned out to be more accurate than we knew at the time.

Behold: land crabs!

A picture of a small land crab, perched on the threshold of his burrow.
Land crabs!

This particular land crab lives in the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor in the British Virgin Islands. (That’s the West Indies, to you historical types.) That hole he’s sitting in is actually his home. Normally I love crabs and find them fascinating — not to mention delicious — but there is something about watching a crab the size of your face scurry sideways into a hole in the ground that is just creepy as all hell. There is the unmistakeable impression that the crab is only waiting until your back is turned and then — attack!

In sum: we should all read (and write!) more good romance novels with critters that are both real and terrifying.

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J Is For: Journey

No, not the band. I promise.

This week I am attending the RT Convention in Chicago, IL. It feels like much more than a mere physical trip. I’m used to traveling for a vacation; what is new and nervous-making is the idea of travel for a vocation—a trip where I have an itinerary other than my own explorations to consider. I’m excited, but I’m also really anxious. (I have not slept well the past two nights, and am trying to solve this by having two strong Manhattans tonight in the hopes of calming/warming/distracting me enough to get some rest. So far—brilliant idea! I feel fantastic! Ask me again in the morning.)

There is probably nothing to be scared of, but that’s never stopped me in the past. If you’re at RT this week as well, look me up! I’ll be the one with red hair, a black shirt, a nervous expression, and either Wonder Woman tennis shoes or these.

Fingers crossed, and here I go!

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The Friendliness Of Finnish Tea

It is particularly cold outside, one of those sharp December days where the frost never really has a chance to melt and one’s mind lightly turns to thoughts of wearing as many layers of sweater as humanly possible. One’s mind also turns to thoughts of warm beverages liberally laced with sugar and caffeine—and, specifically, the most delicious tea I’ve ever known.

Uskollinen Ystävä, from Nordqvist. The name means Faithful Friend.

A scan of the teabag for Nordqvist's Uskollinen Ystava tea: a friendly yellow color with light turquoise spots and bold black text.
Thank you for being a friend.

Löytö: Discovery

On another cold winter’s day, several years before, I checked my email to discover a friend had sent me a link to a sale Scandinavian Airlines was running. Roundtrip, nonstop flights to Helsinki were going for a mere three hundred clams, plus taxes. At the time, I was living with my parents for a few months between apartments, and even a bookstore clerk can build up some savings when you’re not paying rent and your mother is feeding you. Plus, I’d just become a one-day Jeopardy! champion (under my day-name, for those of you quick on the Google) and had some vacation days to use up.

The choice was clear. I bought my ticket, went down to REI, and outfitted myself like Shackleton.

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Snowbird Blogging Break And A Release Date Reminder!

We here at Olivia Waite leave tomorrow for a week-long trip. We don’t know what internet access will be like, so we can’t promise to post (though we plan to be active on Twitter). Here’s a look at where we’re headed:
An aerial view of Anna Maria Island: a lush green strip of land lined with beaches, spotted with houses, and surrounded by clear blue water.
If that was in your future, would you be concerned about blogging? Of course not. You’d be wondering how long it would take you to find a place that would sell you rum drinks in the middle of the afternoon. Or at the very least a cold beer.

Blog posts will resume in a week—but until then, remember that Damned if You Do is coming out December 14, and Steam Heat is available now at the Jasmine Jade site! Nothing spices up the holidays like an erotic steampunk anthology.

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