The Uncontest: Resolutions

Are you reading the Rejectionist? If not, you really should. We here at Olivia Waite are privileged to count ourselves among her more worshipful admirers/fangirls/willing acolytes should she ever decide to start some sort of book-and-squid-based cult in subterranean caverns whose altars foam white with the brine of saltwater sacrifices. For the month of December, writes our heroine, there shall be a trial run of resolutions for the coming blank slate/New Year. It is a lovely idea, and resolutions sound so much more fun in December, especially when you only have to think about them for a month. And I lost NaNoWriMo this year, so I could use a little victory at present.

Be it resolved henceforward: Every day in the month of December, I will work on each of the following:

  • the nearly finished novella
  • the second draft of the YA fantasy novel
  • the first draft of the new secret manuscript

Now, I'm hoping to do this on top of my forthcoming line edits for "Generous Fire," and the new puppy takes every available opportunity to chew on anything valuable or electronic, so time is at a premium. Therefore it counts as work if I open up the file and only change one word. Because at least that's one word further than I was before I opened the file.

Let the great experiment begin!