Mary Roach on Orgasms

One of the things that we here at Olivia Waite find most enjoyable about being an erotic romance author is the kind of subjects we get to research. The history of the vibrator! Contraception through the ages! Underwear of generations past! We here at Olivia Waite also love the great nonfiction author Mary Roach. Her books will make you feel like your world is bigger and more awesome than you ever knew it could be. I particularly recommend the chapter of Packing for Mars where she describes the mechanics of sex in space, because it is thorough and plainspoken and has a whole section on whether or not that monkey really masturbated while in orbit.

So when we hear that Mary Roach has a TED talk called "10 things you didn't know about orgasm," we took seventeen minutes of our day to educate ourselves in the name of being a knowledgeable erotic romance author.

And it was fun, and fascinating, and indeed there were many more than ten things we did not know about orgasm.

We were definitely not expecting the bit about the pig.