"Generous Fire" Release Date!

It's official! "Generous Fire" has a release date! March 22! ... I feel like that announcement needs bigger letters. To repeat: my very first book comes out on

March 22

Here is the cover:

March 22

Here is what the book's about:

Academy headmaster Frederick Topper has always known how to balance passion with propriety. Until, that is, a student prank brings Latin instructress Caroline Tisdale to his attention. Beneath her plain gowns and severe demeanor, Frederick discovers a strong, passionate woman—and suddenly propriety is the last thing on his mind.

Caroline has spent years keeping her wayward tendencies firmly in check, despite the temptations posed by a certain dark and dangerous headmaster. She clings to her control, even though the thought of submitting make her pulse race and her imagination run rampant.

But when she agrees to help Mr. Topper test a mysterious new medical device—a machine whose effects are more pleasurable than pharmaceutical—she realizes that self-control and sexual satisfaction may not be such opposites after all.

Here are some other things that happened on March 22, according to Wikipedia:

  • The Jamestown Massacre
  • Anne Hutchinson was expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for religious dissent
  • The Lumière brothers screened the first moving picture
  • Grand Coulee Dam begins generating electricity on the Columbia River in Washington State
  • The first laser was patented

Obviously, March 22 is a day of great moment and import. A weighty day. A day of destiny.

Keep an eye out for book trailers, excerpts, and a release party date!