The Debut Author's Brave Debut

My book, "Generous Fire," comes out tomorrow. Until then, I still get to live in the magical wonderland where none of my relatives have read it yet (and they're going to, or they have told me this) and none of my friends have read it yet (and they're going to, or they have told me this) and no copies have been sent out to reviewers, and nobody can click that first sad and lonely star on an Amazon review page. When I sat down to write this day-before-launch post, I found myself making confessions, and qualifiers, and adding all sorts of self-deprecating little remarks so people don't get their hopes up. To make sure people know that I know that, in the wonderful words of Meg Maguire, I am not "a magical wunderkind, shat from the heavens in a gilded gown and anointed with immunity to the trials of publishing." To make it plain that although this is a day I have waited for since I first learned what books and writing were, and the summation of uncountable hours of thinking and worrying and planning and hoping and working working working—despite all that, I know this book is really no big deal, relative to the scale of things.

And when I write it all out like that, two words come to mind. The first is screw, followed immediately by that.

Screw that.

I spend far too much time thinking about my own faults and presenting them to others on a silver platter. Which can be useful—until it comes time for me to be my own best cheerleader. For some reason, doing that scares me more than all the queries and all the synopses in all the world.

But it is now that time. If I won't stand behind this book, who else will?

So here is the post I am writing instead, contrary to all my fearful instincts.


I have written a book called "Generous Fire" and it comes out tomorrow, March 22. It is the best cheap Tuesday night date you'll find on all the internet. It has a spooky academy setting, two strong-willed protagonists whose attraction becomes an irresistible force, and a steam-powered vibrator. It was pretty good as a first draft, and has since benefited from the sharp eye of a truly wonderful editor (hi, Meghan!), and now it's all shiny and polished and sleek as a jungle cat. A sexy, steamy, Victorian jungle cat.

If you read my book, unicorns will frolic around your living room, gentle breezes will cool your fevered brow (have I mentioned this book is hot? it's totally hot), and snow-white bunnies will fluff your pillows for sleeping and leave Cadbury eggs behind.

  • Here is "Generous Fire" on the Jasmine Jade site
  • Here is the excerpt
  • Here is the book trailer on YouTube

And now, if anybody needs me, I'll be off doing something frivolous for a while.