"Hearts and Harbingers" Release Date!

Various points, in no particular order:

  • Vacation was marvelous.
  • Putting mango and guava juice together with two kinds of rum and some kind of whiskey is much more delicious than anything else you have ever had to drink in your life.
  • Having one-third of your sailboat's crew practicing clove hitches every day for a week comes in handy when you're tying bumpers to the starboard stanchions in thirty-knot winds with stinging hornet rain.
  • Sand fleas are the devil.
  • "Hearts and Harbingers" is coming out this Wednesday! That is May 25!

… Let's see that last point again in bold italic Plantaganet Cherokee:

May 25And indeed, there was much rejoicing throughout the land, with quaffings of spirits and roastings on spits.


The badass cover for "Hearts and Harbingers" by Olivia Waite.