Disneyland: The Blog Experience!

You guys, I am at Disneyland! It was something of an accident.

Mr. Waite is in Anaheim for a week-long conference. I was going to tag along anyways, because we are the kind of couple who can't even spend one night apart without a lot of mooning and sighing and sad puppy dog eyes (not even counting the actual sad puppy dog eyes of our actual sad puppy dog whenever we are separate).

So I looked at the map to see what kinds of things I could get up to while he was off networking and glad-handing and giving inspiring supervillain-esque speeches.

And the map said, "Magic Kingdom Highway."

And I said, "You're across the street from Disneyland?!"

And he said, "Am I?"

And I said, "I'm coming with."

And thus, a vacation was born.

So I'm writing this post late on Sunday night, and scheduling it for Monday (today). Tomorrow, you can find me at Nine Naughty Novelists for a guest post (hooray for guest blogging!) and then on Wednesday, I will be posting photos and impressions from the Magic Kingdom.

Until then, just imagine that I'm doing something like this:

Screencap from The Little Mermaid: Ariel, a pale-skinned mermaid with red hair and a purple seashell bra, poses triumphantly on a spar of rock, while waves burst climactically behind her.