My Worst Tagline Ideas

Lately I've been thinking about marketing—what I could do better, what I could do differently, what I could do that I'm not doing, all those good things. One thing I considered is something many romance authors and editors already do: create a personal tagline. Angela James has: "Dragging the world to the digital dark side, one reader at a time." Tina Donahue has: "Heat with heart." These are memorable phrases that evoke an image or emotional response, and clarify precisely what one is trying to get across in terms of branding, voice, and content.

Turns out, though, I can only come up with terrible taglines. Behold!

Olivia Waite -- Behold!

Olivia Waite -- Why not?

Olivia Waite -- Just because.

Olivia Waite -- Are you going to finish that drink?

Olivia Waite -- Vinaigrettes recommended for those with delicate constitutions. This means you, Mom.

Olivia Waite -- Not that worried about piracy.

Olivia Waite -- Polyamorous romance for polyglots. (Admittedly, this will have to wait until I write my first menage.)

Olivia Waite -- Snark encouraged!

Olivia Waite -- I like four-letter AND four-syllable words.

Olivia Waite -- Minds her Ps and Qs. If you know what I mean.

Olivia Waite -- Take a drink every time you see a variation of the word "inexorable!"

Suggestions in the comments will be considered with inordinate gravity.