Announcing: Hell and Hellion!

We here at Olivia Waite are thrilled to announce that the good people at Ellora's Cave have offered us a contract for Hell and Hellion, an erotic paranormal Regency novella!


Last year Virginia Greening made a journey into Hell to rescue the man she expected to marry. To her dismay, she arrived to find he'd fallen in love with someone else—and now Virginia is home in London and nursing a bruised heart. Worse than that, however—she finds that since her return she can see demons. How do you make polite conversation when something green and evil is leering at you over another guest's shoulder?
Incubus James Grieve is intrigued to realize one evening that this petite brunette woman is staring right at him. Her unique ability to see him is soon eclipsed by the power of their mutual attraction. James has no soul to save, and Virginia's soul is incorruptible by infernal decree, so it is not long before they are indulging in any number of passionate sins and pleasurable vices. 
Until, that is, James acquires a soul of his own.
Burdened with newfound mortality, and surely condemned after death for his multitude of sins, James must make a choice. Will he abandon his beloved and his soul in favor of vice and immortality? Or can Virginia convince him that a virtuous mortal life is worth both living and dying for?


Technically, Hell and Hellion is the follow-up to Damned if You Do. But it's twice as long, and set in London rather than in Hell, and … Well, in short, it's less a sequel and more a stand-alone with a prequel that I just happened to write first.

Which is not to say you shouldn't go out and read Damned if You Doespecially since Nix at Scorching Book Reviews recently called it "Witty, pacy and sexy"! I'm still blushing -- though clearly not hard enough to keep me from repeating the praise.