The Author Designs Her Own Audio Book Covers Even Though She Realizes It's Probably Ill-Advised

Some news: we here at Olivia Waite are in the process of turning both Generous Fire and Hearts and Harbingers into audio books via ACX. In the middle of filling out book profiles and cruising the site for potential narrators (karaoke singing has made me super-picky about voice talent, it turns out!) the thought came to mind that I do not actually have the rights to use the original book covers. And since wading through piles of graphic designers sounded biblically exhausting, I decided to try my own hand at designing something bold and basic using the wonderful tools on

And now I have a new website crush—I love you, Aviary!—and two brand-new cover images.

Here they are!

Generous Fire Audio Cover

Hearts and Harbingers Audio CoverThey're simple and clean because I'm not sophisticated enough to employ textures or attempt human figures. Remember that post I did on Ed Emberley? Yeah, that's still pretty much all my artistic training.

But they're easy on the eyes and they look excellent in thumbnail form, so I'm quite pleased with them. Though of course you are free to snark away in the comments.

It's An Erotic Steampunk Print Anthology!

We here at Olivia Waite are absolutely tickled to announce that we are appearing in a print book. And not just any print book, but a steampunk erotic romance anthology. And not just any steampunk erotic romance anthology, but a steampunk erotic romance anthology with the glorious Delphine Dryden and the magnificent J.K. Coi. And check out that cover!

Cover image for Steam HeatSteam Heat contains my own Generous Fire (Dickensian alternate history), Iron Seduction by J. K. Coi (Chinese steampunk), and The Lamplighter's Love by Delphine Dryden (straight-up gaslamp fantasy).

In conclusion: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

{Disclosure: clicking on some of the above links might prove profitable to myself or the other authors mentioned—so you should totally do it. Go on; you know you want to.}