Generous Fire: Olivia Waite's original debut novella, with a shiny new cover and bonus story for returning readers! GenerousFire_WebEveryone at the academy overlooks Latin instructress Carolin Tisdale on account of her plain gowns and severe demeanor. Her headmaster, however, is about to unravel a bit of her mystery. Mr. Topper has always been able to balance passion and propriety--but once a student prank brings Miss Tisdale to his attention, his desire begins to chip away at his resolve.

Miss Tisdale has spent years keeping her wayward impulses firmly in check, despite the temptations posed by the dark-haired headmaster. She clings to her control even as the thought of submitting to him makes her pulse race and her imagination run rampant. But when she agrees to help Mr. Topper test a mysterious new medical device--a machine whose effects are more pleasurable than pharmaceutical--she comes to realize that self-control and sexual satisfaction are not mutually exclusive after all.